Daft Gadgets 2

It’s time for another episode of ‘oh my god I can’t believe they published that’. Besides being awesome, I’m pretty sure the good people at daftgadgets.com are insane. Here’s a few more of my favorite product descriptions that more than likely break every rule of advertising ever conceived.


LED SONIC SHOWERHEAD (http://www.daftgadgets.com/color-changing-shower-head.html)

Now you can shower under one of dozens of flavors of Cool Aid! Wait…it’s just light? Darn it. Well…we guess that’s still cool.

The LED Sonic Showerhead shows you the temperature of the water by lighting up. Why is it called the ‘Sonic’ Shower? Does it clean you with sonic waves? Does it play the greatest hits of the Bee Gees? No. There is absolutely no reason for ‘sonic’ to be in the name other than the fact that the cascade of rainbow colors is music to the eyes. (That and we have fond memories of scenes from Star Trek where the sonic shower is incorporated into the story)

Now your tap water will glow with all the colors of the spectrum. The glacial blue probably means cold and we’re going to go out on a limb and say that lava red likely represents hot. As for the neon green, that’s got to mean your water is radioactive, right? And yellow? Well let’s just say you probably don’t want to be under the yellow shower.

The LED Sonic Showerhead will always let you know the temperature of a shower before you jump in. Great for people who’ve suffered from neurological damage and can no longer distinguish between hot and cold. Or maybe you need a showerhead to go with your pulsating disco lifestyle?

And did we mention that there are no batteries required? How does it produce light then? We have no idea!!! But it’s probably safe…maybe. (just kidding, it uses water pressure to light the LEDs)

The LED Sonic Showerhead is the next best thing to bathing in flavored sugar water and may possibly be powered by Carebear magic!


PHONE CASE BOTTLE OPENER (http://www.daftgadgets.com/bottle-opener-case-for-iphone-4.html)

Never make another sober phone call again with the Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 4!

Why does your high-end electronic device need a bottle opener attachment? There are many, many excellent reasons. And we’d tell you all about them…but we’re all pretty wasted right now. No, just kidding (mostly).

Maybe smart phones are just a little to techish for you and installing a manual pry bar to wedge open bottles of alcohol on state of the art communications equipment makes you feel less nerdish?

Maybe you frequent a lot of parties full of hotties and you just like to be prepared? This way you can get their numbers, take their picture and open their drinks all at once. If only it had a lighter built in it would literally be the perfect device.

Or maybe you need a bottle opener phone case because you’ve got the best job in the world and every Friday the whole office gets hammered. It must be great working for Google.

To top it all off, this stylish, high quality case comes with a free app that counts the beers you crack open, displays images from your library, and plays songs/sounds of your choice every time you use the bottle opener.

Getting drunk? Now there’s an app for that too!


CHOCOCASE (http://www.daftgadgets.com/chococase-for-ipod-amp-iphone.html)

Get a Sweet Case For You’re Sweet Tech

What better way to keep your sweet new iPhone safe than by incasing it in real, edible chocolate? (please note: this product is not edible nor is it chocolate) The Chococase is a hollowed out bar of delicious milk chocolate made from the finest coco beans that the poor farmers of sub-Saharan Africa can pick for less than a dollar a week. (umm…NO!?! it’s made from durable silicon) The chocolate acts as a natural insulator to keep your phone from over heating and the inherent elasticity of this dark confectionary treat will keep it safe from nicks and bumps. (plastic!!! not chocolate!)

The sleek new smart phones are incredible, but they need to be protected. There’s nothing worse than a huge scratch across you’re top end communication/music/gaming device. The Chococase looks delicious and will keep your tech pristine too. It makes a great gift for chocoholics, diabetics (ok, no, probably not) or oompa loompa’s. Maybe you need to smuggle a phone to your boyfriend in prison. This probably won’t work in the slightest, but it’s sure to get a chuckle out of the guards before they arrest you.

The Chococase for iPhone 4…it’s totally real chocolate! (no, it’s not! stop saying that!)


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